A Second Chance

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A Second Chance

Once upon a time, there was a nail that enjoyed being hit hard into the wall. It felt the satisfying thud every time it was hammered in, and the sense of accomplishment it felt when it held up a painting or a piece of wood. The nail was happy with its life and didn’t want anything to change.

One day, however, the nail was suddenly pulled out of the wall and thrown away. It didn’t know why, but it guessed that it must have done something wrong. It was sad and confused, but it didn’t give up hope.

Eventually, the nail was found by a kind-hearted person who put it back into the wall and gave it a second chance. The nail was overjoyed and vowed to never take its life for granted again. It was happy to be back where it belonged and to have another chance to do what it loved.

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  1. Hey Sophie,

    It’s Rick! Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I think you’re amazing. You’re always so kind and thoughtful, and I really appreciate your friendship. I hope you have a great day!

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