Admiring from afar

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Admiring from afar

Her grace and poise, a sight to behold,
A woman of beauty, confident and bold.
From afar, I observe her with awe,
Her every movement, I silently adore.

Her gentle sway, as she walks with ease,
The wind in her hair, a graceful breeze.
The curve of her smile, a work of art,
A masterpiece of beauty, right from the start.

I follow her with my eyes, lost in thought,
Her every action, in my memory caught.
But I keep my distance, respecting her space,
For her safety and comfort, I won’t encase.

For admiration should never turn to obsession,
Nor should it lead to any form of aggression.
So I’ll admire her from afar, and let her be,
For her happiness and well-being are all that I can see.

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