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Red Flags

I can’t help but wonder,Is this really the right thing?All the red flags are there,Flapping in the wind. I try to ignore […]


Autumn is here!

1. Leaves falling gentlyColors changing every dayAutumn is here now 2. Cool winds blow throughThe leaves are falling gentlyAutumn is here now […]


I Love You

Love is soft like a cloudIt cares for you when you’re feeling downLove looks into your eyesAnd sees the beauty in your […]


You Are

I am the waterI am the lavaI am the oneThat keeps the planet alive I am the oneThat can take away your […]



Eloquence is but an ephemeral thingA moment’s splendor in the face of eternityIts beauty is ethereal, its joys infatuationBut in the end, […]


Black Days in a Dirty Wood

The light shines through the treesAnd illuminates the dark, dreary woodThe branches are like skeleton handsReaching out to grab you This is […]