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Professor in da Harvard

In the land of Harvard, where knowledge reigns supreme,Where students come from far and wide to pursue their dreams,There lived a professor, […]


Oh, Mexian Joker?!

Oh, Mexican Joker with his painted smile,A villainous presence, a menace, a trial,He laughs and he schemes, his mind full of tricks,A […]


Autumn is here.

1. The leaves are falling,The days are getting shorter.Autumn is here. 2. The air is crisp and cool,The leaves are turning red […]


Einstein and Hawking

Einstein and Stephen HawkingTwo of the smartest men in historyEinstein with his theory of relativityAnd Hawking with his theories of black holes […]



When I was youngerI thought that loveI was something like a fairytaleI would find my princeAnd we would be togetherForeverI was naïveAnd […]


Jim Does Know best!

Another masterpiece from Master Rick 😀 Have a nice weak all and enjoy reading! Jim knew he was in trouble when the […]