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Skyfall in September

Golden clouds in the sky,A sight that cannot be denied.Amber hues, vibrant and bold,A story that must be told. In the evening’s […]


Dark Contrasts

In the depths of gloom and doom,Where darkness looms and shadows consume,There lived a little clown named Bloom,Whose laugh could fill the […]


Far-off Land Knight

In a far-off land, where the wind doth blow,And the leaves do rustle as the rivers flow,Lived a maiden fair, with eyes […]


Professor in da Harvard

In the land of Harvard, where knowledge reigns supreme,Where students come from far and wide to pursue their dreams,There lived a professor, […]


Oh, Mexian Joker?!

Oh, Mexican Joker with his painted smile,A villainous presence, a menace, a trial,He laughs and he schemes, his mind full of tricks,A […]