Cats and Fish

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Cats and Fish

In the neverending ether
Cats and fishes swim and play
They chase each other around
And never seem to tire

They bat each other with their paws
And splash each other with their tails
It’s always a fun game
And nobody ever loses

The ether is their playground
And they love it every day
They’ll never tire of swimming
And chasing each other around

I love cats and fishes,
But I don’t love when they’re together.

I once had a cat who loved to catch fish,
But he always made such a big mess.

I try to keep them apart now,
But they always seem to find a way
To be together in the neverending ether.

Cats and fishes,
Fishes and cats,
It’s a never-ending cycle

Of love and fun,
But also of mess and destruction.

I just hope they can stay together
In the neverending ether,
And that they never come back to my house!

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