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Doloris is a woman who lives a very simple life. She wakes up every morning at 6am to make her husband breakfast. After he leaves for work, she tidies up the house and then spends the rest of her day doing whatever she pleases. She usually reads or watches television. At 5pm, she begins to make dinner for her husband and herself. They eat together and then spend the evening relaxing together. At 10pm, they go to bed.

Doloris’ home is very small and neat. It is always clean and organized. She has a few simple possessions that she enjoys. Her husband is the most important thing in her life. He is a good man who works hard to provide for her. They have a happy and healthy relationship.

Doloris dies peacefully in her sleep one night. She wakes up in heaven and is met by a kind angel. The angel shows her around and Doloris is amazed by the beauty of the place. She meets other angels and they all welcome her warmly. Doloris is happy to be in heaven and feels at peace. She spends eternity in heaven experiencing all the wonderful things it has to offer.

One day, Doloris meets a new angel who tells her about a place called Earth. Doloris is intrigued and asks to see it. The angel takes her to Earth and Doloris is amazed by the sights and sounds. She sees people of all different colors and cultures. She hears the laughter of children and the bustle of city streets. Doloris is fascinated by Earth and everything it has to offer.

The angel tells Doloris that she can choose to stay on Earth or return to heaven. Doloris thinks for a moment and then decides to stay on Earth. She wants to experience all the wonderful things it has to offer. The angel smiles and bids her farewell.

Doloris spends the rest of her life exploring Earth and all it has to offer. She is never bored or unhappy. She experiences the joys and sorrows of life, but always feels at peace. When she dies, she is met by the angel again. The angel smiles and welcomes her back to heaven. Doloris is happy to be home.

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