Dark Contrasts

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Dark Contrasts

In the depths of gloom and doom,
Where darkness looms and shadows consume,
There lived a little clown named Bloom,
Whose laugh could fill the darkest room.

With a nose as red as a cherry,
And a smile that’s always merry,
Bloom would dance and sing,
And make the world a brighter thing.

He’d crack a joke, tell a pun,
And watch the world come undone,
For in his world of happy fun,
Darkness had no place to run.

But even Bloom had his dark days,
When the world seemed lost in a haze,
And nothing could chase away the malaise,
That filled his heart with a heavy weight.

But then he’d look up at the sky,
And see the birds soaring high,
And suddenly his heart would fly,
And he’d be back to his usual high.

And so the world went round and round,
With Bloom spreading joy all around,
Sometimes dark, but mostly profound,
His laughter echoing without a sound.

So if you’re ever feeling blue,
And don’t know what to do,
Just think of Bloom, and you’ll find anew,
The joy that’s been hiding within you.

And so ends the tale of Bloom,
The clown with the red nose and sunny room,
Who taught us to laugh, dance and croon,
And to find joy even in the darkest gloom.

May his memory live on forevermore,
A reminder that laughter is worth fighting for,
And that even in the bleakest of hours,
We can always find the power to shower
The world with love, laughter and flowers.

So let us raise a glass to Bloom,
And all the joy he brought into our room,
May his spirit continue to bloom,
And fill our hearts with laughter and perfume.

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