Darkness Pierced by Screams

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Darkness Pierced by Screams

Amidst the chaos and the smoke-filled skies, The sound of gunfire echoes through the night, The bombs that fall like rain from up high, And screams that pierce the darkness with their might.

The horrors of war are etched in every face, The pain, the fear, the loss, that can’t be erased, The violence that stains the land and leaves no trace, The tears that fall for loved ones who have been misplaced.

The battlefields are littered with broken bodies, Once living beings, now just shells of their former selves, The cost of war, a heavy burden on all who see, A never-ending cycle of death, destruction, and hell.

Families torn apart, homes reduced to rubble, Cities that once thrived, now nothing but ash, Lives shattered by the power and greed of those in trouble, A never-ending cycle of destruction that leaves us in aghast.

The grueling march of soldiers, endless and without end, The constant fear of death that hangs over every head, The sacrifice of life for an idea or a friend, The toll of war, too much for us to comprehend.

We must remember the hell of war and its brutality, And work towards a world where peace can thrive, For the cost of war is too high, and the reality, Is that the grueling cycle of aggression and warfare can no longer survive.


And so we stand here now, in the aftermath of war Where once there was destruction, we see growth and more But scars still linger, both physical and deep within Reminding us of the hell we caused, of the sin

We must never forget the lessons we have learned The cost of our aggression, the lives we have burned For every soldier lost, every innocent caught in the crossfire Is a reminder of the consequences, of the dire

Let us strive for peace, for diplomacy and understanding Let us seek resolution without violence and demanding For the true cost of war is not just in the lives it takes But in the destruction it leaves, in the sorrow it makes

So let us move forward, with the memory of the past With a commitment to peace, for as long as it will last And may we never forget, the hell of war and its gruelity For in doing so, we can strive for a future of tranquility.

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