Einstein and Hawking

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Einstein and Hawking

Einstein and Stephen Hawking
Two of the smartest men in history
Einstein with his theory of relativity
And Hawking with his theories of black holes

They both had a love of learning
And a passion for science
They both changed the way we think
And the way we see the universe

Einstein was a genius
And Hawking was a brilliant mind
They both helped us to understand
The cosmos and the way it works
They both will be remembered
As two of the greatest thinkers of all time

Their legacy will live on
As long as there are stars in the sky
Their names will be spoken
With reverence and respect

They were both men of great intelligence
And they both had a tremendous impact
On the world of science

We are all better off for their contributions
And we are all indebted to them
For their tireless efforts
In furthering our understanding
Of the universe and all that it contains

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