Far-off Land Knight

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Far-off Land Knight

In a far-off land, where the wind doth blow,
And the leaves do rustle as the rivers flow,
Lived a maiden fair, with eyes of blue,
Whose heart was full of love, pure and true.

Her lover was a knight, brave and bold,
Whose heart was as warm as the sun’s gold.
Together they laughed, they danced, they sang,
Their love an eternal flame that forever rang.

But fate is a fickle mistress, cruel and unkind,
And it was not long before their love was confined.
For the knight was called away to a distant land,
To fight in a war with sword in hand.

The maiden wept and prayed for his safe return,
Her heart heavy with fear, her soul starting to burn.
Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months,
And still no word from her love, no happy jaunts.

One fateful day, a messenger did arrive,
Bringing news that made her heart shiver and thrive.
For her love had fallen in battle, in a foreign land,
And now she must carry on, without her heart’s hand.

The maiden’s heart shattered, her spirit broken,
Her tears flowing like a river, her voice unspoken.
She mourned her loss, her soul full of despair,
Her love forever gone, without a care.

And so she lived her life, alone and forlorn,
Her heart forever broken, her spirit torn.
For even in death, her love was eternal,
And her pain was forever infernal.

So let us raise a glass to this maiden fair,
Whose love was pure, whose soul was rare.
May her story be forever told,
Of a love that was lost, a heart that was cold.

For years she lived in sorrow and pain,
Her love for the knight forever ingrained.
She would often visit his grave,
Talking to him as if he was still brave.

The world moved on, seasons changed,
But for her, time remained deranged.
For every day was a reminder of what was lost,
Of a love that came at too great a cost.

The people in the village would often see her weep,
But no words could comfort her, no promises to keep.
For her heart was eternally broken,
And her love forever unspoken.

As the years went by, she grew old and frail,
And people would often tell her to move on and prevail.
But she refused, her love was true,
And nothing could ever replace what she knew.

On her final days, as she lay in bed,
She smiled a gentle smile and quietly said:
“My love, I am coming to you,
And we shall be together, forever anew.”

And so she closed her eyes and took her last breath,
And the people around her mourned her death.
But little did they know, in her heart she was glad,
For she was finally reunited with her love, her knight so rad.

And so their love story became a legend,
A tale of love that could never end.
For even in death, their love was pure,
Their souls forever intertwined, of that we can be sure.

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