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Jim Does Know best!

Another masterpiece from Master Rick :D
Have a nice weak all and enjoy reading!

Jim knew he was in trouble when the two goons from the alley approached him. He wasilippins, six Vietnamese, two Nigerians and a Bolivian. Eight men and two women, all in their twenties, most of them illegal immigrants.

The two Nigerians were the ringleaders. They had been in the country for a few years, long enough to learn the ropes and develop a network of contacts. They had also been involved in a number of petty crimes, and were currently wanted by the police for a string of robberies.

The Nigerians had come up with the idea to kidnap a wealthy person and demand a ransom. They had selected their victim, a successful businessman, and had been stalking him for a few weeks.
On the night of the kidnapping, they had followed him home from a restaurant and had forced him into their van at gunpoint. They had then driven him to an abandoned warehouse, where they had taped him to a chair and had demanded a ransom of $5 million.

The businessman had been able to call his wife and had told her to contact the police. The police had then set up a sting operation and had arrested the Nigerians when they had tried to collect the ransom.

The Nigerians were shocked when they were sentenced to life in prison. They had not expected such a harsh sentence, and they realized that they would never see the outside world again.

But then, something amazing happened. One of the Nigerians, a man named John, fell in love with one of the guards, a woman named Jane. Jane was kind-hearted and compassionate, and she felt sorry for John. Against all odds, the two of them started a relationship and eventually got married.

John and Jane were happy together, and they inspired the other prisoners to stay positive and hope for the best. The Nigerians became like a family, and they remained close even after they were released from prison.

Today, John and Jane are still married and they have two beautiful children. They continue to inspire other couples to stay strong and fight for their love.

Del Fin?!

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