Lady in Pink

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Lady in Pink

She loves the color pink,
And everything that’s associated with it.
From the delicate petals of a rose,
To the juicy flesh of a watermelon.

She loves the way it makes her feel,
All feminine and pretty.
And she can’t help but crave it,
In everything she eats.

She starts her day with a pink smoothie,
And ends it with a pink cupcake.
In between, she snacks on pink candy,
And washes it all down with pink lemonade.

Some people think she’s obsessed,
But she knows she’s just in love.
With the color pink,
And all the delicious food it represents.

She dreams of a world where everything is pink,
And she can eat her favorite foods all day long.
A world where the sunsets are a deep shade of rose,
And the skies are always a beautiful cotton candy pink.

She knows it’s not realistic,
But it’s her happy place.
A place where she can be surrounded by pink,
And eat whatever she wants without gaining a single pound.

One day, she hopes to visit Pinkland,
A place where all her dreams can come true.
Until then, she’ll continue to eat her favorite pink foods,
And enjoy every minute of it.

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