Making no differences!

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Making no differences!

One summer evening a black cat named Midnight took a stroll through the woods behind her house. It was a foreign place for her and she was a little bit scared. She had never been in the woods before and she didn’t know what to expect. As she walked, she heard the sounds of animals she had never heard before. She also saw plants that she had never seen before. Midnight was a very curious cat and she wanted to explore more of this new place.

Midnight continued to walk through the woods, the sounds of the animals getting louder and more fearful the further she got. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and jumped, startled. When she turned to look, she saw a large black bear standing about 10 feet away from her, just watching her. Midnight’s heart raced and she knew she was in trouble. She slowly backed away from the bear, never taking her eyes off of it, and then turned and ran as fast as she could back the way she had come. She was terrified and knew that she would never come back to this place again.

Midnight ran as fast as she could, her heart pounding in her chest. She could hear the bear behind her, growling and grunting as it ran after her. She was sure she was going to die. She ran and ran, until she finally saw her house in the distance. She ran to the door and frantically scratched at it, her claws tearing at the wood. Her owner opened the door and Midnight flew inside, the bear stopping at the edge of the woods, watching her. Midnight was safe, but she would never forget her close call with the bear in the woods.

Linnea shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her hands wringing in her lap. It was her first day of work and she was nervous. She had never had a real job before, only internships and volunteering. She was about to start her career as a journalist and she was scared that she wouldn’t be good enough. Linnea’s boss, Mrs. Saunders, had been very clear that she was only hiring her because she needed the extra help. She wasn’t expecting much from Linnea and she wasn’t going to give her any special treatment. Linnea was going to have to work hard to prove herself. In her mind it was racing as she sat in her chair, waiting for Mrs. Saunders to come back from her meeting. She was going to be working on a story about a local charity event that was happening in a few weeks. It was a big event and Mrs. Saunders wanted Linnea to get started on it right away.

When Mrs. Saunders finally returned, she sat down at her desk and looked at Linnea. “I’m sure you’re wondering why I hired you,” she said.
Linnea nodded, her throat feeling dry.
“I need someone to help me with this charity event story. It’s a big event and I can’t do it all by myself. I need someone who is punctual, organized, and detail oriented. Can you do that?”
Linnea nodded again, her stomach fluttering with nerves. She could do this. She was going to prove to Mrs. Saunders that she was the best journalist she had ever hired.

Linnea and Midnight met each other at the charity event that they were both working on. Linnea was amazed at how well organized and detail oriented Midnight was. She was able to get all the information that Mrs. Saunders needed and she did it in a timely manner. Midnight was impressed with how hardworking and driven Linnea was. She was a natural at this and she was sure that she would go far in her career. They both respected and admired each other and they knew that they would be friends for life.

Linnea and Midnight continued to work together on different stories and they became good friends. They would often help each other out when one of them was struggling with a story. They both respected each other’s opinion and they valued each other’s opinion. They knew that they could trust each other and they knew that they would always have each other’s back.

One day, they were working on a story about a local politician who was suspected of corruption. They had been working on the story for weeks and they were getting close to uncovering the truth. Midnight had managed to get ahold of some incriminating evidence and she was about to turn it over to Linnea when she suddenly disappeared. Linnea couldn’t find her anywhere and she was starting to get worried.

She eventually found Midnight, who was hiding in a ditch. She was shaking and she was clearly terrified. Linnea asked her what was wrong and Midnight told her that she had been followed. She was sure that the politician’s henchmen were after her and she was afraid that they were going to hurt her.

Linnea knew that she had to do something to help Midnight. She was not going to let her friend get hurt because of this story. She was going to help her get to safety and then she was going to help her finish the story. Together, they were going to make sure that the politician was brought to justice.

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