Oh, Mexian Joker?!

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Oh, Mexian Joker?!

Oh, Mexican Joker with his painted smile,
A villainous presence, a menace, a trial,
He laughs and he schemes, his mind full of tricks,
A twisted mind, fueled by chaos and kicks.

His eyes are wild, his hair a tangled mess,
He revels in destruction, he creates distress,
With cards up his sleeve and tricks in his hand,
He’s a force to be reckoned with, a feared demand.

But still, there’s something charming about his grin,
A devilish glint, a hint of mischief within,
He dances and he prances, he plays his games,
And all around him, the world goes up in flames.

Oh, Mexican Joker, with your wicked ways,
You keep us all on edge, in a constant daze,
We may fear you, but we can’t help but admire,
The way you light up the world with your fiery desire.

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