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Einstein and Hawking

Einstein and Stephen HawkingTwo of the smartest men in historyEinstein with his theory of relativityAnd Hawking with his theories of black holes […]


You Are

I am the waterI am the lavaI am the oneThat keeps the planet alive I am the oneThat can take away your […]



Eloquence is but an ephemeral thingA moment’s splendor in the face of eternityIts beauty is ethereal, its joys infatuationBut in the end, […]


Cats and Fish

In the neverending etherCats and fishes swim and playThey chase each other aroundAnd never seem to tire They bat each other with […]


A Symbol of Love

Kissing is an act of loveIt’s something that we doWhen we feel the body heatOf the one we’re attracted to We close […]