Review: Shrill (2016) by Lindy West

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Review: Shrill (2016) by Lindy West

“Shrill” is a memoir by Lindy West that chronicles her life as a fat woman. West is unapologetic about her size and uses her wit and humor to dismantle stereotypes about overweight people. She also writes about her experiences with online harassment, rape culture, and abortion. West is an excellent writer and “Shrill” is a funny, moving, and empowering book.

In her memoir Shrill, Lindy West candidly discusses her experiences as a fat, feminist woman in today’s society. She covers everything from the shame and insecurity she felt about her body as a teenager, to the harassment and abuse she’s faced online and in real life as an adult. West is unapologetic and unafraid to speak her truth, and in doing so, she gives a voice to countless other women who have been made to feel invisible and worthless.

Shrill is an important book that will resonate with many readers. West is a gifted writer with a sharp wit, and her story is both funny and heartbreaking. She’s brave and honest, and her message is clear: fat women are not here for your entertainment or approval, we’re here to live our lives. This book is an empowering read that will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.

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