Review: “The Midnight Library” – Matt Haig 2020

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Review: “The Midnight Library” – Matt Haig 2020

In “The Midnight Library,” Matt Haig weaves an intricate tapestry that explores the intersections of quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and the human condition. As a 30-year-old physics professor, I find Haig’s approach to the multiverse concept both refreshing and intellectually stimulating, offering a poignant reflection on choice, regret, and the infinite possibilities of life.

The narrative centers around Nora Seed, a woman caught in the throes of existential despair. On the brink of ending her life, she finds herself in the Midnight Library, a mystical place between life and death. Each book in this library represents a different version of her life, shaped by the myriad choices she could have made. Guided by Mrs. Elm, her childhood librarian, Nora embarks on a journey through alternate realities, each one a potential path she could have taken.

As someone immersed in the study of physics, I was particularly drawn to Haig’s interpretation of the multiverse theory. The idea that every decision spawns a new universe aligns with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Haig deftly navigates this complex scientific theory without overwhelming the reader, instead using it as a backdrop to explore deeply human themes. The Midnight Library serves as a metaphorical quantum superposition, where all possible lives exist simultaneously until Nora “measures” them by living through each one.

Nora’s character is meticulously crafted, embodying the profound existential questions that many of us grapple with. Her journey is not just through different lives but also through various states of mental health. Haig’s portrayal of her depression is both raw and authentic, making her eventual path to self-acceptance all the more powerful. Each life she lives offers her a unique perspective, shedding light on the intricate web of choices and their consequences.

Philosophical and Ethical Implications

The ethical implications of the multiverse are subtly woven into the narrative. Nora’s experiences prompt readers to consider the moral weight of their decisions. Is there a “right” path, or do all paths hold equal value? Haig invites us to ponder whether fulfillment comes from achieving specific goals or from embracing the journey itself. This philosophical inquiry is particularly resonant for those of us who contemplate the nature of reality and the self.

Literary Style and Accessibility

Haig’s prose is both lyrical and accessible, making complex scientific and philosophical concepts digestible for a broad audience. His writing is infused with a sense of wonder and curiosity, much like the spirit of scientific inquiry. The narrative’s pace is well-balanced, allowing readers to absorb the gravity of Nora’s experiences while maintaining a compelling momentum.


“The Midnight Library” is a masterful blend of speculative fiction and profound human insight. Matt Haig’s exploration of alternate realities through the lens of Nora Seed’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of choice and perspective. For a physics professor like myself, the novel is a delightful fusion of science and storytelling, offering a unique lens through which to view the infinite possibilities of life.

Whether you’re a scientist intrigued by the multiverse or a reader seeking a thought-provoking narrative, “The Midnight Library” is a must-read. It challenges us to reconsider our regrets, embrace our choices, and recognize the beauty in the multitude of lives we could live. Haig has crafted a literary work that resonates on both an intellectual and emotional level, making it one of the standout books of 2022.

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