Skyfall in September

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Skyfall in September

Golden clouds in the sky,
A sight that cannot be denied.
Amber hues, vibrant and bold,
A story that must be told.

In the evening’s final rays,
The sun sets on the horizon’s blaze.
Its last light reflects off the sky,
Golden clouds like a lullaby.

High above, the clouds doth roam,
Golden mist, a peaceful home.
Filling the air with beauty untold,
A scene that must be behold.

In the distance, a storm doth brew,
But in the golden sky, a different view.
The clouds glow, a sign of hope,
A message sent from nature’s scope.

The world below may be in disarray,
But the golden clouds above sway.
A symbol of peace, love, and light,
A reminder to hold on tight.

As night falls and the stars twinkle,
The golden clouds continue to sprinkle.
A shower of shimmering gold,
A sight that will forever hold.

So let us cherish this moment in time,
The golden clouds, a gift divine.
Let us bask in their warm embrace,
And remember the beauty of this place.

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