Soak Up the Vitamin D

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Soak Up the Vitamin D

The waves crash against the shore
And the sun shines down on the sand
The people are walking and playing
And the seagulls are flying overhead
The smell of salt and sea is in the air
And the sound of the waves is soothing
The sand is warm and soft
And the water is cool and refreshing
This is a perfect day
At the beach!

The sun’s out and the waves are crashing
It’s a perfect day to be at the beach
The sand is warm and the water is cool
It’s a perfect day to relax and have some fun

So come on down to the shore
And enjoy the sunny day
We’ll build a sandcastle or two
And then we’ll go splash in the waves

It’s a beautiful day to be alive
And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than here at the beach with you

So let’s make the most of this sunny day
And enjoy every minute
We’ll soak up the Vitamin D
And admire the view

Then we’ll head home and relax
With the memories of this perfect day
In our hearts and minds
until we can come back
and do it all over again.

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