Streets of New York

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Streets of New York

Through the streets of New York, they marched with pride,
A military squad, their duty to abide.
Their mission clear, but not a single shot fired,
For this was a peaceful fight, their skills admired.

With their gear in tow, they moved with grace,
Their presence a symbol of hope and grace.
For they fought with their hearts and not their guns,
With a will of steel and a courage that runs.

Their task was to bring aid and comfort,
To help the people in times of hurt.
They built bridges with care and compassion,
And forged bonds that would never be broken.

Through the rubble and debris, they made their way,
With determination that would never sway.
They cleared the path for those in need,
And sowed the seeds of hope and creed.

With every step, they left a mark,
A legacy that would light the dark.
For they fought for peace, for love and for unity,
A noble cause that would always be their identity.

In the midst of chaos and despair,
They were the calm, the healing air.
With every act of kindness and care,
They showed the world that love can repair.

And so, they fought with all their might,
To bring the world a better sight.
For they knew that peace is worth the fight,
And that it would shine forever bright.

In the end, they emerged victorious,
Not with guns or swords, but with love and glory.
For they fought with the power of unity,
And showed the world the beauty of diversity.

So let us celebrate these brave souls,
Whose deeds will forever be extolled.
For they fought for a cause that makes us whole,
And left a legacy that will never grow old.

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