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Dark Contrasts

In the depths of gloom and doom,Where darkness looms and shadows consume,There lived a little clown named Bloom,Whose laugh could fill the […]


Summer Santa

It’s Santa Clause in the summerHe’s traded in his red suit for some shorts and a t-shirtAnd he’s swapped his sleigh for […]


Cute Cute Cat

There’s something special between a woman and her catA bond that can never be brokenA love that is so pure and true […]


The Sand in my hands

Time is a never-ending cycleof days, weeks, months, and yearsthat dictate our lives Space is the infinite voidthat surrounds usand contains everything […]


Factory World

The 1970s were a time of great industryThe world was moving forward at a rapid paceAnd there was so much to be […]


Star Wars with my Loved

For Jenny.She always has a kind word for people, even if she doesn’t know them very well. There’s nothing like a good […]