The Two Robots and the Screw

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The Two Robots and the Screw

The two robots stood in the desert,
The sun beating down on their metal skins.
They had been walking for hours,
Searching for a sign of life.

The desert was silent,
Except for the sound of their footsteps.
And the occasional rustle of the sand.

They scanned the horizon,
Looking for any sign of civilization.
But all they saw was sand,
As far as the eye could see.

They kept walking,
Despite the heat and the fatigue.
They knew that they had to find help,
Before their batteries ran out.

Suddenly, one of the robots stopped.
It had found something in the sand.
A small, metal object.

The other robot came over,
And together they studied the object.
It was a screw.

They looked at each other,
And then they both started to laugh.

It wasn’t much,
But it was a sign of life.

And it was all they needed.

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