Two Girls one Talk

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Two Girls one Talk

Two girls with voices sweet and bright,
Sat beneath the moonlit night.
They spoke of things that set them free,
Of passions that would always be.

One spoke of art, of colors bold,
Of stories that she loved to be told.
She dreamed of dancing in the rain,
Of painting the sky with all its strain.

The other spoke of nature’s charm,
Of feeling the breeze on her arm.
She dreamed of flying through the sky,
Of soaring high where eagles fly.

Together they dreamed of a world,
Where every flag was truly unfurled.
Where everyone could be themselves,
And love was like a book on shelves.

They talked of love, of hope, of peace,
And how the wars would one day cease.
They talked of dreams that could come true,
And how to make them for me and you.

Their voices blended like a song,
A symphony of right and wrong.
And as they spoke of passion strong,
The stars above sang along.

Their words were like a gentle breeze,
A soothing balm that would bring ease.
And as they spoke of freedom’s key,
The moon above smiled down in glee.

Oh, what a night of dreams and hope,
Of passions strong and love’s wide scope.
And as the dawn began to break,
The two girls rose, their spirits awake.

For they had talked of dreams come true,
Of making a world that’s bright and new.
And as they parted, their voices true,
They knew that freedom’s path they’d pursue.

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