Who need dogs?

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Who need dogs?

Luna is a happy white cat who lives in a warm and comfortable home. She loves to curl up on her soft bed and watch the world go by outside her window. Luna’s home is filled with soft furniture and plenty of places to hide and nap. She loves to curl up in her owner’s lap and purr contentedly. When it’s warm outside, Luna enjoys basking in the sunbeam that comes in through her window. On lazy days, she likes to lounge around her home and nap. Luna feels loved and content in her warm and comfortable home.

Luna met a dog named Max one day when he came over to visit her owner. Max was a big, friendly dog who loved to play fetch. He was always wagging his tail and seemed to be very happy. Luna and Max became friends and would often play together. Max would bring over his favorite toy, a ball, and they would play fetch together. Luna loved playing with Max and would often chase him around. Max was always happy to see Luna and would wag his tail energetically whenever he saw her.

Luna: Hey Max! What are you up to today?
Max: Just playing fetch with my favorite toy, a ball. Want to join me?
Luna: Sure! I love playing fetch!
Max: Hey Luna, I’m getting castrated today.
Luna: What’s that?
Max: It’s when they remove my testicles.
Luna: Oh, I see. Well, I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.
Max: I’m not sure. I’ve never done it before. But I’ll let you know how it goes.

Later that day…

Max: Hey Luna, I’m all done!
Luna: How was it?
Max: It didn’t hurt too much. But I feel kind of different.
Luna: Different how?
Max: I don’t know. I just feel different.

After that day Max never again played ball with Luna. Luna was sad that Max never wanted to play with her anymore. She missed chasing him around and playing fetch.

One day, Luna’s owner brought home a new cat. Her name was Mia and she was very shy. Mia would hide under the bed whenever someone came into the room. Luna would try to coax Mia out from under the bed, but Mia was too scared to come out. Slowly but surely, Mia started to come out from under the bed more and more. She would even sit on the bed and watch as Luna played with her toys. Mia was still very shy, but she and Luna became friends.

Luna: Mia, come out and play with me!
Mia: I’m too scared.
Luna: It’s okay, I’m here with you.
Mia: Okay.

And so, Mia and Luna would play together. They would chase each other around the house and play with Luna’s toys. Mia was no longer scared and was happy to have a friend in Luna.

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